RobinHood INU Week one

The Community Steps Up

Robinhood Inu
4 min readFeb 23, 2022


RobinHood INU

Built on a platform of radical transparency, Robinhood INU launched at just $420 and immediately took off, charging up to $50K in a couple of days.

A Brilliant start from Embrik and the Team!

At $50K Embrik immediately doxxed himself, without worry for any of the potential risks. The casino we are investing in here is rife with unsavory types so having the courage of your convictions — placing yourself front and center of a project is admirable. Embrik is accountable, and always available.

Can’t Get Much More Doxxed Than That!

Predictably, early investors looking for a quick buck have fled the project in droves. Volatility has been exceedingly high, which is only to be expected at such an early stage.

Long-term holders only benefit from this, however. 10% BUSD rewards on sales has helped to keep us strong, with holders regularly reinvesting their reflections and building up the floor.

After bouncing up and down for a few days we eventually peaked at around $95K! The calls did their job, around 40 in total, skyrocketing the market cap and bringing a flood of new members.

We have launched the website, initially just a simple page with details of how to buy, with solid graphics and plenty of detail in the roadmap. A couple of days later V2 was released with all the bells and whistles, and the Whitepaper soon followed.

RobinHood INU Website V2

The Telegram has ballooned to 900+ members at the time of writing, with Embrik and the team’s daily AMAs, along with competitions, raids, and myriad other shilling tasks, have been a great success. The team regularly rewards top shillers and active community members, showing how much they value our efforts as a community.

We had a brutal dip to $10K as Bitcoin decided it was time for another wobble but charged back up to $40K with the strength of the community. It is surprising how rapidly this solid base of support for the project has developed.

Paper hands continued as the market continued its dive, and before long we were back down. However, Embrik’s AMA with BlockChain GODS Godly MicroCaps brought in fresh investors, as well as yet more talented individuals to contribute to pushing this forward.

At the time of writing, we are already back to around $20K and holding firm. Bitcoin is recovering, and we are painting quite the impressive bull flag. I predict that this weekend may just be a big one…

Bitcoin Chart Is On The Up

Coming up in the next week is the first NFT collection, brought to you by an extremely talented graphic artist. I can’t wait to see what the team has come up with.

Embrik has also provided a hint as to where the long-term plans for this project are headed.

At $300K market cap (yes we will get there sooner than you think!) we will be bringing staking to the contract, allowing for yet more passive income for long-term holders.

This is a long-term hold, with a solid, dedicated Dev (the man was getting two hours sleep a night, working construction then doing it all again, FOR DAYS!) and a community I am thankful to be a part of.

It’s been a long week, but we have survived the swings and emerged stronger. This already puts us above thousands of other projects.

Big things are coming, I’m sure you can all feel it. Let’s see what the next week brings.

Amazing work from the community this week. Keep pushing, HODL, and let’s make this thing a reality together.