RobinHood INU

Radical Transparency in the BSC Casino

RobinHood INU is a reflection token on Binance Smart Chain, launched on 02/14/2022. The first major project from new developer Embrik Børresen was created to fill a massive void in the memecoin space. A token solely built upon trust.

After SafeMoon and DogeBonk exploded onto the scene, the buzz term for newly launched memecoins became “renounced contract.” The reason this was such a selling point was this issue of trust. Every freshly launched coin must develop trust between the developer and the community, especially in the memecoin space (the BSC Casino). Hype can only get you so far. A renounced contract engenders this trust, reassuring the community that the dev will not suddenly alter the contract, freezing withdrawals, for example, pulling a “Squid Game.”

However, crypto evolves so quickly, and renouncing a contract does not allow flexibility as things change. It is important to be light on your feet in a relentlessly volatile market.

The communication gap between the project developers and the community necessitated the proliferation of the “renounced contract.” This gap results from the anonymity of most developers and the community members themselves. Anonymity in the crypto space is, of course, understandable! It can be like the Wild West out there!

Embrik wants to change that.

At the launch of RobinHood INU, Embrik immediately doxxed himself (revealed his identity) along with a mission statement:

RobinHood INU is a token built to change the BSC scene, to build trust, and to show the world that investing in RobinHood INU is safe and transparent.

We have the vision to build an ecosystem around RobinHood INU, and diamond-hands will be rewarded. A strong and healthy community is the main priority.

In theory, it is a simple idea, but one that very few developers are brave enough to pursue. It will allow RobinHood INU the flexibility to shift with the times and roll with the swings in the market. It will allow for continual evolution and improvement of the token and facilitate future utility creation.

So, who is Embrik Borresen?

The dev of RobinHood INU is 22 years old, born and raised in Norway, in a small village called Strandebarm. He currently works as a construction worker in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, in a small apartment with his girlfriend. He served in the military, where he learned the value of trust — which he is now bringing to crypto.

He has been involved with cryptocurrency since May 2021. With his self-taught development skills, he quickly established himself in crypto and built enough contacts throughout the community. He decided to put his development skills to the test and launch a small coin himself.

However, it has become apparent that this “small coin” may not be so small after all. What began as an experiment in radical transparency, placing himself front and center of the project, with all the potential risks involved therein, has rapidly developed into something much more.

The project has been live for just four days, and the Telegram community has already ballooned to over 700 members. Embrik and the community are in constant dialogue on the video chat, and the level of excitement is palpable. But it is not the false backslapping and “love this community” excitement you experience in 99% of memecoin communities. It feels like the early rumblings of Dogebonk just before its renaissance in October 2021.

There is authenticity and genuine connection here, which has immediately driven RobinHood INU to prominence.


You can tell because you’re talking to him live on video chat…

This is a genuinely new way of doing things, and people are watching!

Released at a tiny market cap RobinHood INU now sits solidly at just under $80K, with an All-Time-High of over $90K.

Within a couple of days a Website was released with an essential roadmap, a (somewhat?) flattering photo of Embrik himself, along with all the usual How-To-Buy, Tokenomics, etc.…

Embrik Børresen

Today 02/18/2022, the White Paper was released, which gives details on the ethos of the token and provides some further insight into Embrik’s background — it even includes a photo of his driving license (worth a look he must be about five on there).

WEEKLY UPDATES Summarising the achievements of RobinHood INU will follow on this Medium site. Check back regularly for announcements and future plans.




Twitter: @RobinHoodINUbsc



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